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The Gear

All photographs presented on this website are taken with Nikon cameras. The photographer has used Nikon since 1980, starting with the Nikon FE and F3. At that time he also used full manual controlled cameras, hereby Nikkormats, and worked a lot with black and white photography and developing the images in his private darkroom. The last film based camera being used was the Nikon F4e, from that he switched to digital photography in 2003 and full frame DSLR in 2008.
The main photographic gear today is as follow:
Nikon D5, 2 camera bodies
Nikon D850 and MB-D18
Nikon D4s
Nikon 16-35/4 G VR ED AF-S
Sigma 20mm f/1,4 DG HSM Art
Nikon 24-70/2.8 G ED AF-S
Nikon 105/1,4E ED AF-S
Nikon 70-200/2.8 G VRII ED AF-S
Nikon 400/2.8E FL ED VR AF-S
Nikon 600/4E FL ED VR AF-S
Nikon 1.4 AF-S Teleconverter; TC-14E III
Nikon 2.0 AF-S Teleconverter; TC-20E III 
Nikon 28-300/3.5-5.6 G VR ED AF-S (for light weight travelling)
Nikon 60/2.8 D AF Micro Nikkor
Nikon 105/2.8 G VR ED AF-S Micro Nikkor
Nikon 50/1.4G AF-S
Nikon 50/1.4 D AF Nikkor
Nikon 35/2.0 D AF Nikkor
Nikon 28/2.8 D AF Nikkor
Nikon 24/2.8 D AF Nikkor
Nikon 20/2.8 D AF Nikkor
Nikon 16/2.8 D AF Fisheye Nikkor
Sigma 8/3.5 EX DG Fisheye
Nikon SB-910 x 2, SB-800 and SU-800
Soligor Extension Tubes
Aquatech Delphin D4 Sport Housing
Aquatech Shadow D4 Sound Blimp
Self-built RC buggy ++
Gitzo and Sachtler Carbon Tripods
Gitzo and Induro Carbon Monopods
Slik Alu Tripods
Wimberley WH-200 II Gimbal Heads
Uniqball, Gitzo and Kirk Ball Heads
LowePro, Quest and Nikon backpacks, bags and lensbags