Data management and protection

How we collect, use and store information

Your personal details
Customer integrity is important to us, and this policy aims at describing, clearly and transparently, how we collect, use and store information on your personal details. Arnfinn Johansen Wildlife Photography AS (Company Id: NO 920 742 580) manages all personal information in accordance with the EU’s law on General Data Protection and Regulation, GDPR.

Responsibility for personal details
Arnfinn Johansen Wildlife Photography AS is responsible for treating information, including personal details on our website and when you purchase a product or book a tour with us.

Gathering information on personal details
Our data protection policy covers all data that we register, e.g. from our website, phone, mail, or events/fairs. When you purchase a product from us, we gather personal information to process your order. We gather information on your name, personal address, shipping address or meeting point, and contact information (phone, e-mail). When you book a tour with us, we gather personal information to process your order and fulfil your request. We gather information on your name, address, nationality, contact information (phone, e-mail), gender, birth date, choice of single/double room, passport number, flight times if you book your own flights, allergies and other relevant medical information, and special food requirements. If you are travelling to a destination that requires visa or passport information, we might gather further information to make bookings for National Parks, etc. When you participate on a tour with us, we also register information on the destination and tour length. By registering for, or using the services provided by Arnfinn Johansen Wildlife Photography AS you accept our use of your personal detail information and our data management policy. You also agree to Arnfinn Johansen Wildlife Photography AS use of electronic communication channels to send you information. We do not register more information than we need and do not sell your information to any third party.

Our use and transfer of your personal details
We use the information on your personal details to provide the products and/or services you have ordered. We also manage information by consent to fulfil other legal obligations. When you book a tour with us, your information is used to issue tickets and travel documents, for booking hotels and activities. Your personal information is then given to the partners we work with to provide these services (e.g. airlines, hotels, activity companies). Transfers will be made to third countries if you travel to a country that is not an EU member or EES member. When you book a tour with us, we use your information to send the booking confirmation and important information about the tour. We also use your information in our accounting.

Your rights
You always have the right to know what information we register about you. If you contact us, we will send you a transcript. Data registration necessary to fulfil our contract with you or fulfil other legal obligations is done without consent. You can, at any time, withdraw your consent by contacting us. In that case, we will erase your personal information, and cease any data management covered by the consent. You also have the right to adjust or correct any information in your personal details.

You can contact us by phone +47 976 71 870 or write to us: Arnfinn Johansen Wildlife Photography AS, Gamle Røislivegen 40, NO-2611 Lillehammer, Norway or