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High quality images for commercial and personal use

Images for media and commercial use

The images of the photographer are represented internationally by NTB Scanpix news and photo agency. NTB Scanpix is the leading supplier of visual content in Scandinavia. Visit their website and search for “Arnfinn Johansen samfoto”.

Prints and framed photographs

When it comes to prints, framed photographs, etc, it can be purchased from the photographer directly, ref information below. Prints are made on high quality Semigloss photo paper; on Canvas; on Aluminium, on Acrylic glass, and on Hard foam board.

Print sizeSemigloss, not framed Canvas, not framedCanvas, framedAluminium
Acrylic glass
Hard foam board
150 x 225 cm4.500 NOK
100 x 150 cm4.000 NOK4.500 NOK6.000 NOK7.500 NOK
80 x 160 cm5.500 NOK
80 x 120 cm3.500 NOK5.500 NOK6.000 NOK
70 x 140 cm6.000 NOK
60 x 120 cm3.000 NOK3.500 NOK4.500 NOK6.000 NOK
60 x 90 cm2.800 NOK3.000 NOK4.000 NOK4.500 NOK
50 x 100 cm2.800 NOK3.000 NOK4.000 NOK4.500 NOK
50 x 70 cm2.500 NOK2.800 NOK3.800 NOK4.000 NOK
40 x 60 cm2.300 NOK2.600 NOK3.600 NOK3.800 NOK
20 x 30 cm2.000 NOK3.000 NOK

Wildlife Calendar 2018

According to tradition every year we are offering the Wildlife Calendar in high quality print. Size is A3 (ca 30 x 40 cm).

2018 Calendar                                             Price
Wildlife Calendar 2018. 30 x 40 cm (A3) 500 NOK

The theme for the 2018 Calendar is Big Cats of Africa.


All images are copyrighted. No images may be printed, copied, stored, manipulated, published, sold or reproduced in whole or in part in any form without prior authorization.

Please take contact for purchasing or if you have any questions. Use the contact scheme below, or simply send the photographer an e-mail.