2 x Highly Commended in BioPhotoContest 2020

I am delighted to let you know that my photographs titled “Lonely Giant” and “King of the Ice”, taken accordingly in Maasai Mara in Kenya and on Svalbard in Norway, this weekend in Budoia in Italy was awarded Highly Commended in BioPhotoContest 2020.

This year the contest received 5,975 images created by photographers from 34 countries.

A great tribute to Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp in Maasai Mara and WildPhoto Travel on Svalbard.

Click on the images to enlarge and see them in 1400px quality.

Solitude Giant. Highly Commended in BioPhotoContest 2020.

King of the Ice. Highly Commended in BioPhotoContest 2020.

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